All vegan confections made with organic, fresh and ethically sourced ingredients.

Stop by forĀ grab-and-go fresh, organic confections or place a custom order for a special event!


  • Cookie so big it can barely fit in the photo!
  • Floridas weather is on point today! Swing on by today
  • Whatre you up to this Friday? Maybe you should head
  • Happy Saturday everyone if youre looking to get chocolate wasted
  • Holy strawberry!! Whats your favorite fruit? Lets put it in
  • Cinnamon strawberry donuts!! Freshly baked and glazed I made extra
  • Happy Valentines day cutie pies! Swing by today from 116PM
  • Cant wait to show off all the yummy treats for
  • Happy hump day!! We have a delicious sip  nibbles
  • Im not picky surprise me! A delicious surprise donut box
  • Lets start off the week right! Scones and donuts will
  • Key lime is my most requested treat! Whether its in