All vegan confections made with organic, fresh and ethically sourced ingredients.

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  • Going nuts ova deez donuts! Made with homemade cashewcoconutoat milk
  • We have treats for you this tastytuesday ! There is
  • Thanks for the bag of delicious lemons builtplanttough365 !! I
  • Had the pleasure of making a spice and cream cheese
  • Come by this Saturday for an epic BOGO deal on
  • The secret to my epic baked donut recipe is to
  • A limited number of spices cup cakes are available! I
  • Good morning world! Today is one of my favorite days!!
  • Beautiful shot of kristenasaurus afternoon munch last week! Make sure
  • This is the start if something beautiful!!! Ill be making
  • Whats up cool cats! If youre craving a classic munchie
  • Lemon blackberry scones anyone? Ill be here until 6pm