• Desperat-o Burrito

    So this recipe is rediculously easy and my hopes of sharing it is to inspire you to re-create this similar but with your own favorite produce/beans and other goodies. I’ll list some delicious options that I would have used if I had it available, but the whole point of this burrito is to create something with what you have available.

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  • Vegan Flautas

    #vegan flautas are super easy, inexpensive to make and last awhile in the refrigerator for lunch during the week! #meatlessmeal

    Some of you may even have all the ingredients just sitting in your pantry RIGHT.MEOW.

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  • Mediterranean Salad

    Alrighty friends and fam. Still trying to figure out the perfect name for this delicious creation. Right meow we’ll call it Mediterranean Salad. TAKE NOTES!

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